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Songs & Rhymes


Booker the Poetry Dog Explains Songs and Rhymes

Can you sing this song with me and fill in the missing words?

1star2a.gifTwinkle, twinkle, little  

 How I wonder what you are.

Up above the  world so high.

Like a diamond in the sky.

1star2a.gifTwinkle twinkle little  

How I wonder what you are.

Phonological Awareness

"Phonological awareness" is educator-speak for being able to hear and play with phonemes--the smallest sounds in words.

Sing songs, play games, and share rhymes to help familiarize your child with this skill. Empasize the rhyming words to help draw your child's attention to them. Soon, your child will be able to "fill in" the missing words in a nursery rhyme.

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