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Welcome to Liverpool Public Library

Joy of Reading

j-joy_of_reading-180.jpgClick the Book Mouse Explains the Joy of Reading

When the library is closed and everyone has gone home, that's when I come out to play!

I run straight to the children's room to see if anyone has left any books out on a table. (It's hard for a mouse like me to get a book off the shelf!) 

I can't read yet but I LOVE to look at books. I like the colorful pictures, and I even like the way the book feels under my paws as I explore the pages.

So remember--next time you go to the library, be sure to leave a good book (with plenty of pictures) out on the table for me! 

Print Motivation

Being interested in and enjoying books is a first step towards reading. Find books that speak to your child’s interests and share them often!

mouse-hanging.gif Two Quick Links

BookLetters list of award winners . Scroll down until you get to the children's books section, then look for awards for picture books.

Our Reading suggestions