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Telling a Story

s-telling_a_story-180.jpgLaptop the Story Cat Explains Storytelling

When I was a kitten, I always begged my mom to tell me a story. Usually, we'd curl up on the couch, she'd twitch her whiskers for a moment,  take a breath, and begin.

She told the same stories over and over until I knew them by heart. I always loved to hear them again and again. Pretty soon I could even tell the stories to my little sister!

My dad didn't tell stories very often, but he would always talk to me about whatever he was doing, even if he thought I was too little to understand.

When we walked to the store for some milk, Dad pointed out things along the way. "Look, Laptop," he'd say, "There's a pine tree. And over there, see how red that flower is. And down the street--there goes a Greyhound bus!"

At that point I always looked around for a bus with a lot of dogs in it, but it was just Dad making a little joke. Of course, later I used the same joke on my little sister!

And I just told you a little story! See how easy it is?

Telling a Story

Narrative skills means being able to describe things and events and tell stories.
Tell stories together, encourage pretend play, and let your child be a storyteller.


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