Library History

Architect D. Kenneth Sargent unveiled plans for a new library building on March 30, 1973. It was to be a twelve thousand square foot one story brick building on the corner of Tulip and Second Streets across from the park.

June 2 the staff held a party for two of the pages who were leaving, Karen Schultz and Alison Read. Decades later Alison Read Post returned to work at the library as a clerk.

On June 13 the $83,781 budget vote passed with 1555 votes in favor and 1175 opposed. Robert Audley was reelected to a five year term on the Board of Trustees.

It was a very hot year and on July 2 the School District gave the library twenty two fans to help cool the building.

On August 13 the library was opened to the public on the second floor of the A.V.Zogg School. According to Wilhma’s diary the library had to close at five o’clock because it was so very hot. The old building was being razed for construction of the new single story brick building that exists today.

On November 6th the library had to close due to a twelve inch overnight snowfall.

On November 29th there was a referendum for $820,485 to build a new library. It was defeated 1011 to 745.