Library History

New longer hours went into effect in February with the library remaining open until 9 p.m. on Fridays. Thus the schedule of operation became Monday through Friday 9 a.m. –9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Poetry readings were offered on Friday evenings once a month from February through May.

From January to April the Board was busy forming a Citizen’s Committee which would discuss the need for the library to expand. A Building Committee was also formed. Trustees continued to deal with the problems of the Alarm system- even to go so far as threaten legal action because the company had not yet resolved the problem.

In April Architect Daniel Leary met with Board members to discuss his ideas for the expansion of the second floor’s unformatted space. The cost of the project was around $50,000 and would begin in August. Originally a portion of the second floor had been left undone in order to save money.

Rita ben Simon became the full time Young Adult librarian on March 3. During the month of May she visited area schools “booktalking” and promoting the library’s summer programs for teens.

The School District referendum was held on May 17 and, according to the local newspaper it was the lowest voter turnout in seven years. The combined number of voters at the five polling places was 1860. The library proposition, a request for $1.9 million, passed 1040 to 810. Sharon Fulmer, who ran unopposed, was elected to a five year term as a Trustee.

At the July Board meeting Genevieve Pieniazek was elected as the President. She also served as President of the Friends group. Annika Waterman, on the staff as a custodial worker, was appointed to the position of Custodian I.

In July the Liverpool Public Library’s holdings were added to the Onondaga County Public Library’s CD Rom catalog. Patrons were now able to search for items themselves at a computer set up especially for their use.

The 18th Annual Art in the Park was again held on July 29 and 30 at Willow Bay in Onondaga Lake Park as part of the Waterfront Extravaganza. Kuki the Clown, aka library employee Judy Sibio, entertained the children. Robin Shade, the New York troubadour, entertained on Saturday and Jamie Notarthomas and Alan Rowoth and his “Freeze Frame” band were featured on Sunday. Cheryl Cornell was the Events Coordinator.

In July Director Fay Golden was installed as the first woman president of a Rotary chapter in New York State. She was the second woman to join the local Liverpool chapter.

Kate Grosso joined the LPL staff in September as a clerk in the Computer Department.

In September the Board wanted to determine the need for library service in the northern part of the district and they authorized that a survey be conducted of the library users in that area.

Sue Smith, Outreach Librarian and Yvette Hewitt, clerk, received Merit Awards at the September 13 ceremony. Monica Miterko received the Performance Award.

During October and November the second floor staff moved their offices to the first floor so that renovations could be made upstairs. That part of the second floor which had been left unfinished during the library construction project three years ago was completed at last!

Ruth Fraley, library consultant, paid a return visit and in her December 1989 report to the Board she confirmed that there were no viable options to add more space, materials or equipment to the present library.

1989 was a record-breaking year for the library. Circulation was up; patron visits were up and reference service (50,934 questions- an increase of fifteen percent over the previous year- )was busier than ever.