Library History

Our circulation in 1966 was 67, 830. In 1972 it was 146, 836 and in 1999 it was 519, 191. Librarians in 1972 responded annually to 1600 reference questions; in 1975 it was 2843 and in 1999 it was 35, 383.

According to Wilhma’s diary of April 1972 we provided a Dial-A-Story on the telephone. Fay Golden, Children’s librarian, taped the stories herself.

In May we began to use an actual form for the recording of statistical data.
The $80,204 budget was approved by the voters 1493 to 918 on June 14. Sharon Fulmer was elected to the Board.

July 8 was the date for the Library’s first Art in the Park. About one thousand persons attended and we collected a whopping eighty two dollars and sixty cents! There were fifty booths and four tables of crafts and art works.

On September 30, 1972 the Humane Society brought a puppy to the library for adoption. Wilhma noted that it marked the first time that the library had a live pet. One month later the Humane Society brought us a cat. There is no mention in her diary of how the two got along!

In November the Library and the Liverpool School District office upstairs were robbed twice. At the second robbery, on November 25, thieves took $36.99 in fines money, $10.00 in copier money and the $5.00 “starting change money.” The safe was ruined permanently and all the keys were stolen for the second time.

The following week, on December 4, Robert Audley, one of the trustees, installed a burglar alarm in the director’s office. I wonder how that cost compared to the almost eighteen thousand dollar security and fire alarm system we installed in 1999? The School District office also boarded up the back delivery door.