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Scanning Documents at the Liverpool Public Library

I think that the scanner is one of the best inventions of the personal computer era. With it, I’m able to take
photos and documents that would’ve taken many file drawers to store, and put them into a nice compact format
that I can store on my computer and reproduce almost perfectly later on. But there are a few things you need to
know before you get started with our scanners, and that’s what icon this handout is all about.

Facing Facebook

Have you been avoiding using Facebook? And yet…do you realize that you’re missing out on being connected with far-flung friends and family members by not being a Facebook user? Then icon this is the handout for you!

Why You Need a Cheap Cell Phone

A guide for people who hate cell phones.

With the old familiar phone booth on the endangered species list along with the California condor and the Siberian tiger, if you don't already have a cell phone icon this handout will help you think about finally getting one.

What You Need to Know about Microsoft Word for the Mac

icon This handout will help you with the most commonly used Word commands. It is written for Word 2008, the word processing software that we run on the Macs here at the Liverpool Public Library. If you have a later version of Word, or one of the Windows versions, things may look a little different and you might have to hunt around a little, but the basic concepts will still be the same.
You will find more quick reference guides for Microsoft Word on our Explore A Topic Computer Tutorials page.

How the Internet Changes Listening to the Radio

Radio sure has changed a lot since I was a kid. Learn about podcasts, apps like Pandora and streaming music off the internet icon in this handout..