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Converting Files with Zamzar

It happens to all of us. Someone sends us a file that's written in Microsoft Works and all we have is Word. Or you created a presentation on your Mac at home, using Keynote, but the computer you're working on now only has PowerPoint. icon Zamzar may be the solution to the problem.

So You Want to be a Digital Writer

The Internet has changed our lives in many ways, and one of those involves how easy it is for each of us to become publishers by creating eBooks. If you've ever given a thought to becoming a digital writer, then this is the icon handout (published digitally, of course) for you to take a look at.

Printing Your Photos Without Buying a Photo Printer

Did you know that you don't need your own photo printer in order to print out all those great pictures you took with your digital camera? Did you know that it might actually be more cost-effective for you to have someone else do the printing for you? If you didn't know that, then this is the icon handout for you to read.

If You Love Me, Tag Me

or, Giving Yourself a Reasonable Chance of Getting Your Electronic Device Back

Back in August of 2012, a friend of mine came to me all distraught because she had lost her iPod Touch, and didn’t know where to find it. Knowing that I was an Apple Maven, she figured that I might know a few tricks, and I did.

I asked if she had turned on Find My iPhone. No. Was she subscribed to iCloud so that she could at least get her data back? No. Did she have a name and address sticker on the back of her device? No.

I was as frustrated as she was distraught. You see, I figure that most people will try to get your stuff back to you…if
you give them half a chance. She hadn’t given them any, and now she was up the creek.

But I don’t want the same thing to happen to you, so here are a few words of advice..

The Gift of a Digital Device - 2014

When the holiday season is here, a lot of Santa’s Helpers are thinking about buying eBook readers, smartphones, MP3 players, and tablets as gifts. And the good news is that in many cases, prices have dropped while devices have gotten better! icon This year's guide will try to walk you through some of the current crop of devices so that you can figure out which one is best for your person (or what to ask them to get you)…or whether you should get them one at all.