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Includes information on 150 breeds, helpful tips for dog owners, clubs, and events.

Choosing a pet, health, safety, pet loss, pet stories and careers in veterinary medicine.

Search for single or pair names. Site also contains a top 20 list and alphabetical search.

History of 37 recognized pedigreed breeds of cats, their characteristics and personalities plus information on cat shows and cat care.

A listing of dog breeds with picture. Includes temperament, size, life expectancy, grooming, and training.

Health and veterinary information, choosing the right dog, breed profiles, training, canine behavior and more.

Articles on the care , housing, and feeding of exotics just as degus, fennec foxes, reptiles, insects, spiders, hedgehogs, chinchillas, potbellied pigs, and many more.

Diseases, emergencies and first aid for dogs, cats, birds, fish, ferrets, reptiles and small pets. Over 2000 articles written by 2 veterinarians.

Classified ads for lost or found pets, pets wanted or adoptable pets.

Health and care of cats and dogs plus veterinary medicine as a career.