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Suggest a Title FAQs

  • Why do you need my name and OCPL Library card number?
    • While we are interested in titles suggested by anyone, we are most interested in the titles that are suggested by members of our own Liverpool Public Library community.
  • How can I find out if a title I've suggested has been added to the collection?
    • Unfortunately, because of the number of requests that we receive, we cannot respond individually to each suggestion. Please check the catalog for new titles. You can subscribe to an RSS feed to be informed when new titles are added to the catalog, or view a weekly summary of new titles by looking at the "Newest Arrivals" box in the right column of
  • How do I suggest an eBook title for addition to the downloadables collections?
    • If you are a Liverpool Public Library patron, login to the Liverpool Cloud Library collection. From the Menu, click on the word "Filter" and select "Suggestions for Library." Search for your book and click the "Suggest for Library" button.
    • Login to the OCPL OverDrive downloadable collection. Click on the "Advanced Search" link. Search for your book and click the "Recommend" button under the cover picture. You may select to be notified or placed on the Holds List if and when the title is purchased for our library.
    • Many popular titles are not available for libraries to purchase in eBook format. This is due to publisher restrictions.
  • I have written a book, produced a video, etc. and would like to see it added to the library's collection
    • In addition to filling out the Suggest a Title form, please send pertinent descriptions and reviews of your work to us (contact information can be found on the Contact Us page of our website).
    • Another option is to donate a copy of the work to the library, leaving it at the Liverpool Public Library's Information Desk. Please include any pertinent reviews. It will be considered a gift to the library and passed to the appropriate department for review. We are glad to consider items by local authors but cannot guarantee that they will be added to or kept in the collection. Items that are not added to the collection may be offered to the public for sale, either in our lobby or at one of our book sale events. We will not be able to return the item to you if it is not added to the collection.

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