Blarney's Blog

Greetings to you, Blarney Killarney!
We'll be welcoming you with tunes, tales, and cupcakes on the morrow. Although we know we won't see you, we hope you enjoy it. Listen for "Megan Morgan," "The Butterfly," "Cooley's Reel," "Master of All Masters," and "Tarbolten." After hours you might want to check out the Victorian dollhouse in the picture book corner. There's also a purple platypus hanging around who is very friendly. Watch out for the raccoon though.
All the best,
Ms. Sharp

Dear Ms. Sharp,
Thank ye for the grand welcome. Your music was brilliant and I was on the shelf behind you doing a wee little jig. I've never seen a raccoon before, only read about them. 'Twas over to call on the Victorian ladies for a cup o' tea the other day, lovely bunch of lassies they 'twere. Patty Platypus is a grand o' pal thank ye!

Blarney Killarney