Blarney's Blog

Someone wrote me a lovely litle note wishing me a Happy Memorial Day and inquiring as to whether or not I like Batman 'n Scooby Doo. Me thinks they're both brilliant.

Emily & Sophie both wrote ask'n whether the librarian be me friend. All the librarians at Liverpool be me friends, except sometimes that Alan creature chases me out of the garden when I'm tryin' to gather bits n' pieces for me house.

Jason, me thinks that the library 'n the summer be a grand place. 'Tis so many programs for wee folk like me. Me fancies seein' something called a Bubbleman.  

Great to hear from ye, Jenna!

Sophie be askin' when me birthday be. Me birthday 'tis April 21st. I 'twas born 'n 1879. I do not have a computer, the library be grand 'n let me use one of theirs.

Azaria, I cannot make ye locker green, 'tis glad green is ye favorite color, tis a grand color, it tis.

 Cheers, Lucas!



Thanks for the lovely coloring, Dallas. 




Raven, me address is 310 1/2 Tulip Street, but please just send me lett'rs through me mail slot.

Sabrina, me glad ye likes green, 'tis a very fine color indeed.