Blarney's Blog

Warmer weather has finally arriv'd. 'tis been very wet the last couple o' days, but the rain will help the flow'rs grow.

Thank ye to ev'ryone who left me lett'rs 'n drawings. Ye children are keepin' me very busy!

Kate 'n Lily, be on the lookout fo' the fake pet dog ye asked me to get.

Kourtney, thank ye for writin'. Things at me hous' are very well. Nice 'n cozy.

Kaleb, me bed is made of twigs 'n pussywillow.

Cheers! Rita, Aria, Sophia, Katie, Shannon, Melina, Audrey, Jacob. Thank ye fo' the lov'ly drawings.

Becca, I thinks fairies are grand.

Yes Cora, I loves St. Patrick's Day.

'ello to all in Miss Hutchings class! I be 'bout three 'n one half inches tall. At night I loves to relax with a book in my comfy chair. Also, I wander 'round the library, especially the Children's Room. I be always lookin' fo' new books to read.

Brooke, ye asked what I like to eat.  I eat some o' the same things ye humans eat, but I am a vegetarian. I loves bread 'n cheese, roots 'n berries. Me favorite drink is dew drop tea. I thinks I makes a brilliant root 'n berry stew. Me friend Rocky the Raccoon gave me some SPAM once. Me thinks that 'twere nice o' him, even if he doesn't realize that I be vegetarian.

Hannah, I move things 'bout me hous' with a wee bit of me magic. 

Chloe, 'tis leprechaun law that only our elders get the choice to show themselves to humans. We young'ns are invisible to all humans. Older ones of us sometimes choose to reveal themselves to humans, but rarely as they loose bits o' their magic 'n don't live near as long as if they stay hidden. But I be here, ye just can't see me.

Loren, I loves all o' the rooms in me hous', but me favorite is prob'bly the livin' room where I can relax with a book 'n a nice cup o' tea.

Thank ye Molly 'n Declan. 'tis grand to be loved.

Yes Hailee, I be fine. How be ye?