Blarney's Blog

'ello ev'ryone! The weather has been so nice as o' late that I have been enjoyin' being outdoors. I hope all of ye are enjoyin' the sun too. Have ye noticed me library friend Alan workin' in the gardens? They be startin' to take shape.

Kate, thank ye fo' the lov'ly picture. Me horse is fake, so I do not ride him. Me dog is fake also, but I calls 'im Finnigan.

Kaitlyn, thank ye so much fo' the drawing. I always appr'ciate any drawings ye makes fo' me.

Abby, I loves ye too!

Cheers! Carl, Lana, 'n Carlo.

Aron, there is a fake dog in me hous'. Take a look 'n I bet ye will spot 'im right away.