Blarney's Blog

I hope ye all had a grand July 4th. America is me new hom' 'n I feel honor'd to be able to partake in the cel'brations.

Katie, yes, I loves to swim. I don't have a swimmin' pool but I often dangle me fingers 'n toes in the lake when I takes me coconut boat out for a spin.

'ello Amelia! Thank ye fo' ye note, 'n thank ye fo' visitin' me. I loves to read all ye notes 'n messages.

Cheers! Gabriella.

Someone ask'd if I liked video games. I do. I don't have me own, but I like to sit upon me friends shoulders and watch them play durin' the Teen Game craze. That always be fun!

Ellie, I will see what I can do 'bout getting balloons for me hous'.

Another one of me friends asked if I can get a wax sculpture of meself. That isn't possible, but there is a fake leprechaun in me hous'.