Blarney's Blog

'ello me friends! I have been away on a visit to our sister libr'ry in The Gambia, West Africa. The Gambian library is only the second children's library in the country, 'n the only one that lets children take the books home. 'twas a nice visit and I made me some new friends.

Ben, I likes to keep busy so once in a while I go down to the Wegman's Park at the lake. I take me coconut boat out on the lake quite often too.

Julia, I be a wee bit shy so I choose to be invisible. I be three and a half inches tall.

Reilly, I do have a large family. I have many cousins, brothers, sisters, and a pa 'n ma. They all be in county Killarney, Ireland.

Carina, I be a vegetarian, 'n I do like veg'table pizza.

Cheers! Olivia, Lily, Maddie, Sophia, Bailey, Emma, Dante, Sophie, Katie, Joey, Emma, Mackenzie, Ben, Kylie

'ello me new Irish fri'nd Laura-le!