Blarney's Blog

'tis hard to beli've that summ'r 'tis almost over. I have had a great time with all o' me friends, and takin' me boat out on the lake.

Someone ask'd what I do at night after the libr'ry closes. A lot of things! Me takes rides on the train, 'n use the computers. Sometimes I even play in the new Media Bank machines, but don't tell me libr'ry fir'nds! Me very fav'rite thing to do is to curl up on a book shelf and read.

Tess, the pumping well is how I gets me water.

Nadia, Makayla, 'n Amalia, I do not like to show meself to humans, but I be around. Ye just can't see me.

Sophia, me hopes you enjoy the fourth grade. The only advice I can give ye is to listen to ye teacher and have fun. Education is one o' the great things in life.

Kaidan, ye will not see me at ye house, but if ye shoes be untied then ye know I was there.

Cheers! Jana, Carmen, Sara, Delaynie, Addie, Haley, 'n Taylor

Thank ye once again fo' all of the lov'ly drawings.