Blarney's Blog

'ello me friends. A lot of ye will be going back to school in a couple o' days, 'n some of ye will be goin' for the very first time. I hopes ye all have a wond'rful first day o' school.

Mariano, I be three 'n a half inches tall, smaller than ye hand.

One of me friends ask'd if I be a boy or girl. I be a boy, and yes I likes people, 'n yes, I be nice.

Sophie, life as a leprechaun 'tis wond'rful. Because I be so small I can fit into all kinds o' fun places, like behind the books on the libr'ry shelves. Sometim's I even crawl into the Media Bank machines and go for rides on the robotic arms. I don't do that very often 'cause me libr'ry fri'nds don't like that.

Solomon, we leprechauns don't show ourselves to human. We be very shy.

Cheers! to Emily 'n Kate.