Blarney's Blog

The Amazing Homeschool Library Race took place last Friday. 'twas a lot o' fun watchin' the contestants race 'round tryin' to complete the tasks. Congratulations to the winners, Team Police. Cheers! to the other participating teams. Ye all did a great job.

Team Police ask'd if they could have some of me gold. Sorry, but it's hidden away in secret magical spots.

Team Fabulous 4 ask'd how tall I was. I be three 'n a half inches tall.

Milydia, I be a vegetarian so I mainly eat cheese, bread, roots 'n berries. Me favorite drink is dew drop tea. I thinks I make a brilliant root 'n berry stew. I sleep in me nice comfy bed in me bedroom. Me thinks Halloween is grand. Next time ye visits, ye will see me house decorat'd.

Montana 'n Annalise, thank ye fo' your kind words 'bout me house.

Anthony, I open me door with a wee bit o' magic.

One of me friends ask'd if I played. I do! When the weather is nice I play at the Wegmans Playground at the lake. Also, I be good friends with the American Girl dolls at the library 'n som'times we have tea together.

Eric 'n Jason, I brush me teeth twice a day. 'tis a good, healthy habit.

Montana, I loves books. Reading is one of me most favotite things to do.

Olivia, why do leprechauns scare ye? I be a nice, friendly bloke.

Cheers! Katie, Joshua, Kaidan, Isabella, Victoria, Elise, Riley, Meghan, Mary, James, Maddie, Rose, 'n Jane. Thank ye all for leavin' me notes.