Blarney's Blog

'ello me friends! Did ye all have a nice Thanksgiving?

Sorry Gia, Sophia, Dillon, Megan 'n Taylor, but we leprechauns do not show ourselves to humans. Ye will not see me but I be here.

Montana 'n Megan, thank ye for ye kind words 'bout me 'ouse.

Reilly, I like all animals so all of 'em are me favorite.

Olivia, I get through me doors with a wee bit o' magic.

Audrey, I be glad that ye like me little paints. Do ye like to paint?

Thank ye Kaidan for bringin' ye friend Arianna to visit. Me hopes ye had a grand time.

Olivia, there be a fake cat in me 'ouse. Take a look. I bet ye will spot it.

Cheers! Kaitlyn, Brooke, Alyssa, Katie, Liza, Alex, Zach, Lizzy, Isabella, Jason, Mackenzie, 'n Carol. Thank ye for ye lov'ly drawings.