Blarney's Blog

Thank ye to so many o' me friends who were kind enough to leave me lett'rs. 'Tis a warm feelin' to know I have such good fri'nds.

One of ye asked about the frog prince stool by me 'ouse. A friend purchased it from Wegmans as a surprise fo' me. Me thought that was so nice o' him. I be glad so many of ye are enjoyin' it.

'ello Emily! Thank ye fo' ye lov'ly note. I have many library fri'nds to keep me company. I am never lonely. Also, I be a vegetarian so I do not eat turkey.

Cheers! Gino 'n Audrey. I likes ye drawings.

Cheers! Abby.

Matt, I be three 'n a half inches tall. I have a red beard and wear lots o' green clothing.