Blarney's Blog

Merry Christmas 'n Happy Holidays ev'ryone! I hope ye are all ready fo' Santa. Have a very Merry Christmas.

So many of ye left me some nice compliments about me 'ouse. Thank ye so much.

Ally, take a look inside me 'ouse next time ye visit. Ye might find that fake snowman ye asked about.

Anthony, I do not yet have a wife. I still be a youngster.

Jack V., I be a vegertarian so I have not had a hamburger from Zebb's. I had a salad from Zebb's once 'n enjoyed it very much

Cheers! Courtney, Brendan, Katie, Brianna, Azaria, 'n Aidan.

Yes Carrie, I have been to a Christmas party. My library fri'nds had a party last week 'n I had a grand time. They did not see me, but I was there! Have ye lost ye wiggly tooth yet?

Ashlyn, I do use a wee bit of magic occasionally.

Andrew, I be 132 years old.