Blarney's Blog

Top o' the mornin' to ye, fri'nds! Hope ye week is going well. Thank ye to ev'ryone who left me messages.

Taylor, the gumball machine was a gift from a fri'nd. Glad ye like it.

Meaghan, Happy St. Patrick's Day to ye too! Thank ye fo' ye nice comments 'bout me 'ouse.

Cheers! Lauren, Kathryn, Meaghan, mommy, 'n daddy.

One of me fri'nds asked if I would put a fake cat in me 'ouse. If ye look carefully, ye will see one.

Lily, there be a picture hangin' on me wall of me fri'nd Bridget. She is the girl leprechaun ye asked about.

Ava, I like ye too!

Katia, thank ye for your nice words 'bout me decorations.

Thank ye Azaria for the cute picture!

Riley, what nice words ye said 'bout me! Thank ye.