Blarney's Blog

Top of thee mornin' to ye all! I hope ye will come 'n cel'brate me birthday on Saturday, April 21. I will be 133 years old.

Jade, the rug in me 'ouse was given to me by a friend. Glad ye liked it.

Cheers! Mackenzie, Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Dan 'n Aunt Emily. So glad ye came to visit.

Sophia, leprechauns don't beli've in keepin' pets. They are me fri'nds.

Cheers! Kaitlyn. 'ello to ye too!

Cheers! Montana. I have a fake goldfish at me par'nts 'ouse in Ireland. 'tis gold 'n white.

Cheers! Stephanie, Emily, Halaina, Shay, Brenna, Gavin, Theo, 'n Carli. Thank ye for visitin'.