Blarney's Blog

Hi ev'ryone! So many nice lett'rs this week.

Rainey, ye has Irish ears! Good fo' ye. Me hopes ye can visit Ireland some day. Ye will enjoy it.

One of me fri'nds ask'd how I made me 'ouse. I used wood and moss I gather'd from the forest. 'twas a lot of work, but I love me 'ouse.

Carli, congratulations on gettin' ye teeth cleaned at the dentist. 'twas a very healthy thing to do.

Cheers! Elizabeth, Dad 'n Mom

Cheers! Lily.

Cheers! Kaitlyn. Ye butterflies were cute.

Cheers! Bryce Cute face!

Cheers! Breanna 'n Becca

Chloe, I not be green but I wear a lot o' green colors.

Cheers! Mychalia I be doing fine. How are you?

Cheers! Halaina 'n ye sister Montana

Cheers! Nate. Thank ye fo' the color'd turtle picture.