Blarney's Blog

Good aft'rnoon ev'ryone! I just woke from a nice nap 'n am enjoyin' a delicious cup 'o tea.

Maddie, the gumball machine in me 'ouse is fake.

Cadence 'n Olivia, me pot 'o gold is hidden away in secret magical spots.

Cheers! Laila. I am very well. How are ye?

Cheers! Abby.

'ello Brooke! Thank ye fo' the kind words about me 'ouse. Yes, I have brothers 'n sisters. They are back in Ireland, 'n I visit them when I can.

Lorelei 'n Kaitlyn, I love ye too!

'ello Cassie! I be so glad ye wrote to me when ye visited the library fo' the first time. Me hopes ye had a grand visit, 'n will come again.