Blarney's Blog

Top 'o the morin' to ye! I hope all 'o ye are enjoyin' the summer. Did ye all stop by 'n see Bubbleman? The Carman Community Room was over-flowin' with me friends. It was a grand show.

Zoey, I will see if I can find a fake elephant fo' me 'ouse.

Alyssa, I am havin' a grand summer so far! I hope ye are too.

Cheers! Carli

Ellie, I be a vegeratarian so I mainly eat cheese, bread, roots, 'n berries. Me favorite drink is dew drop tea. I thinks I make a brilliant root 'n berry stew.

'ello Riley! Ye will not see me, but I be around. Sometim's I have fun movin' things around on the shelv's. The librarian's always know 'twas me!

Cheers! Dante

Michelle, 'tis nice ye are back 'n writin' to me again!

Cheers! Nick.