Blarney's Blog

Thank ye to me fri'nd who left me a folded paper cat. 'twas quite grand.

Cheers! Anna

Grant 'n Quentin, we leprechauns do not give our gold to humans. It is hidden in secret magical places.

Cheers! Ava 'n thank ye fo' ye nice words 'bout me 'ouse.

Som'one asked if I had a TV. I do not. I would much rather read a book.

Cheers! Montana

Hailey,  Natalie, Lana, thank ye fo' ye nice words 'bout me 'ouse.

Cheers! Gwen

Brenna, me loves ye too.

'ello to ye too Azaria!

Cheers! Carli

Jake, me thinks Legos are grand.

Cheers! Helaina. Thank ye fo' the red heart.

Sophia, if ye look closely ye will find a fake dog in me 'ouse.

Cheers! Nadia

Ashley, Happy Belated Birthday! Me hopes ye had a grand day.

Cheers! Lanaya

Audrey, congratulations on ye grand report card!

Cheers! Alex

Emily, I think ye are the best too!

Cheers! Dante