Blarney's Blog

'ello ev'ryone! Summer is just about over 'n a new school year 'tis about to start. Have ye all got ye new school clothes and supplies?

Delaney, I be real but ye will not see me.

Cheers! Cadence. Thank ye fo' ye nice note.

'ello Sophia! I be very glad ye wrote to me. Please say 'ello to ye cousins for me.

Cheers! Emma. 'tis must be fun being 5 years old.

Julia, I do not have a fake dragon but som'times I read books 'bout them. I think dragons be grand.

Isabella, Justin 'n Anthony, we leprechauns are a wee bit shy so we do not show ourselves to humans.

Cheers! Katie. Thank ye fo' being me biggest fan 'n visitin' me every time ye come to the library.

Dillon, I do not have a fake goat. Do ye?

I love ye too Amanda 'n Sierra.

Quentin, I cannot share me gold with ye. Sorry.

Cheers! Allie, Luke, Natalie, Tess, Shay, Mychaela

Ben, I am never lonely. I have all me fri'nds here at the library 'n tons of books to read.

Gen, I have never seen a flyin' unicorn, but I believe they be real.