Blarney's Blog

'ello ev'ryone! Me hopes ye all are keepin' well and enjoyin' the cooler weather. Thank ye to all who left me lett'rs 'n drawings.

One of me fri'nds asked if I have a girlfri'nd. I still be a youngster, so do not have a girlfri'nd yet.

Brooke, I do not have a tel'phone. 'tis very rare that I need to use a phone, but if I do need one, I can use the ones here at the library.

Cheers! Alex

'ello Sammie! Thank ye fo' ye nice lett'r.

Cheers! Luke

Tiffani 'n Rianna, I do believe that Santa Claus is real. Me hopes that ye do too.

Cheers! Aleah

'ello Nico! 'tis good to hear from ye.

Cheers! Ryan