Blarney's Blog

'ello me fri'nds! Ye have been busy leavin' me plenty 'o notes. Thank ye! Have ye got your Halloween costumes ready? I haven't decided yet what costume I want to wear!

Cheers! Siena. Thank ye fo' ye lov'ly note.

Sean, I be three and a half inches tall.

Mikey, I do not own a pet, but I be fri'nds with many forest animals.

Cheers! Natalee, Alex, Elise, Addie, Alyssa, Arie, Kate, Emie, Amanda, 'n Carli.

'ello Lauren! How do ye cel'brate your St. Patrick's Day birthday?

Thank ye, Mary fo' ye gift!

One of me fri'nds asked if I brush me teeth. I do! 'Tis a very healthy habit.

Cheers! Helaina. Thank ye fo' the flower drawin'.

Jude, I will see if I can find a fake dragon to put in me 'ouse.

Gavin, I love to read too! What kinds of books do ye like?

Lily, thank ye fo' ye nice words about me 'ouse. I like ye Halloween stickers.