Blarney's Blog

Hi me fri'nds! I laid down for a short nap, and woke up a few days lat'r! I guess I 'twas really tired! Me hopes ye are all well. Are ye gettin' ready fo' the Thanksgiving holiday? I will be spendin' the day with me forest fri'nds. I be very thankful fo' such wond'rful fri'nds. And fo' all of ye!

'ello Anthony! I will see what I can do about gettin' a fake dragon to put in me 'ouse.

Cheers! Timmy

Seneca, I be so glad ye came by fo' a wee visit. Me hopes ye will visit again.

Cheers! Lillian 'n Thomas. Thank ye fo' visitin' me 'ouse.

Thank ye Audrey! I be glad ye liked me pumpkins.

Cheers! Carli. Thank ye fo' visitin' again.

Cheers! Alex

Thank ye Sara 'n Arden fo' the pictur's.