Blarney's Blog

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all o' me fri'nds!

Thank ye Nate 'n Shawn fo' the Holiday greetings. Thank ye, Nate fo' the picture.

Natalee, I like ye too!

Bianca, thank ye fo' askin' so many wond'rful questions! Yes, I love the library. That is why I decided to make me home here. I gather me food from nature. I eat things like berries, fruits 'n vegetables. I am 133 years old. I have a large family back in Ireland. I come from the grand clan o' Killarneys, and have numerous cousins, brothers, sisters, 'n a pa, , 'n a ma.

I will be visiting me family in Ireland during the holidays, so me next post will be in January, 2013. I hope all o' ye have a festive season!