Blarney's Blog

Top 'o the morin' to ye, my fri'nds! 'Tis been quite chilly lately, and I have been curled up under me blanket with a cup 'o me favorite dewberry tea. Thank ye for so many lov'ly lett'rs ye have left me.

Cheers! Kaitlyn. Thank ye fo' the cute drawin'.

Thank ye Cora fo' ye kind words 'bout me 'ouse!

Cheers! Anthony. I spent the holidays with me family in Ireland. Happy New Year to ye too!

Cheers! Arden. Happy New Year to ye! How old will ye be on your next birthday?

Cheers! Gabby. Thank ye fo' writin'.

Cheers! Lauren. I love ye too!

'ello to all me fri'nds in Daisy Troop #10300 at Willowfield Elementary! 'Twas so nice of ye to leave me a note. Me gold is hidden away in secret spots.

Cheers! Jude.

Cheers! Linda. There are so many wond'rful concerts at the library, that I do not need to own a record player.

Cheers! Ryan.