Blarney's Blog

Happy early St. Patrick's Day ev'ryone! Me hopes ye have a grand day. Ye will see that me 'ouse is all ready!

Anna 'n Arie, if ye look closely in me 'ouse ye will see a fake cat and a fake dog.

Cheers! Sara 'n Abigail.

'ello Sophie! Ye asked a lot of good questions. I be a fri'nd to all animals. Me favorite color is green. Me favorite food is fruits 'n vegetables. Me very favorite drink is dewberry tea. I make a grand cup of tea!

Cheers! Hailey. Thank ye fo' writin'.

Cheers! Peter. I be well. How are ye?

Cheers! Natalie 'n Mary.

Yes Alyssa, I love me 'ouse. I take great pride in it.

Cheers! Brooke.

Cheers! Ben.

Cheers! Carmen.

Christina, leprechauns do not show thems'lves to humans. 'Tis considered bad luck to do so.

'ello Jacob! I be 3 1/2" tall and have a red beard. I wear lots 'o green clothing.