Blarney's Blog

Good day to ye fri'nds! Thank ye to ev'ryone who participated in the scavenger hunt. It was so fun to be watchin' all of ye on the hunt.

What a grand time 'twas watching the dancers from Rince Na Sonas Irish Dance School. So much talent there!

Cheers! Katia.

Thank ye Tina fo' ye kinds words 'bout me 'ouse.

Cheers! Sara.

Thank ye fo' ye note, Tina. Cheers!

'ello Carli!

Maddie 'n Clayton, I am home most of the time. Ye just can't see me.

Jacob, I think ye are cool too!

Cheers! Isabella.

Noah, happy belat'd birthday!

Hannah, I love books! Reading is me most favorite thing to do.

Cheers! Jefforson.

Cheers! Mary.

Tess, I consider all of ye children me best friends.

Ben, yes, I like going to the zoo. So many wond'rful animals to see.

Cheers! Tracy.

Cheers! Shay.

Allie, I have not been able to find a fake mermaid yet. I will keep lookin' though!

Cheers! Mychaela.

Cheers! Gabby.

Ava, thank ye fo' the drawin'.