Blarney's Blog

'ello me fri'nds! 'Tis been such a busy week with all of the programs here! And 'tis just the beginning. The library has many wond'rful programs planned fo' the summer.

I saw many of ye at the Drop in for Legos program yest'rday. 'Twas a grand time watchin' all of ye enjoyin' yourselves.

Ethan, we leprechauns are a wee bit shy and do not like to show ourselves to humans. I still be a youngster, so I do not yet have me a wife.

Josie, thank ye fo' ye very kind words 'bout me 'ouse.

One of me fri'nds asked how I get into me 'ouse. With a wee bit o' magic!

Cheers! Andy.

'ello again Rebecca.  And 'ello to your American Girl fri'nd Matilda. So glad ye both visited the library. 'Tis a grand place to be!