Blarney's Blog

'ello all me fri'nds! The start of  ye summer vacation has arrived! I hope ye all have a safe 'n enjoyable summer. Don't forget to sign up fo' the Summer Readin' Club. As ye all know, readin' is me favorite thing to do! Just visit the librarian in the Children's Room 'n they will help ye get started.

Kate, ye asked a lot 'o good questions. Even though I be consid'red a young leprechaun, I have completed me schoolin'. I think education is grand! I have a red beard 'n  wear lots 'o green clothing. A pet 'tis a grand idea. We leprechauns be fri'nds 'o nature 'n lovers of all creatures 'n don't keep pets like ye humans do. I have many fri'nds that I visit 'n visit me that be animals.

Cheers! Halaina.

Montana, because I live at the library I do not need a bookshelf in me 'ouse. I can sit among the books 'n I feel like they be my own.

Cheers! Reilly.

'ello Kamry! 'Twas so nice of ye to leave me a note.

Cheers! Hailey. Thank ye for the sweet note.

'ello Lily. The next time ye see a lucky shamrock, think 'o me!

Cheers! Madison. Yes, I be ye fri'nd. I consider all children to be me fri'nds.

Cheers! Isabella.

Cheers! Chloe 'n Mckayla 'n Ellee.