Blarney's Blog

Congratulations to the first winners of the Vacation with Blarney contest: Eliana, Emily, Amanda, Connor, Isabella, Kalie, Emma, Sara, Mary, Jalina, Erica, 'n Haley! 'Tis grand that ye are readin'!

Reilly, I love animals 'n consider meself a fri'nd to all of 'em.

Marya, I just turned 134 years old this past April.

Cheers! Ellie.

Anya, I loves ye too!

Peter, me hopes ye have a wond'rful summ'r too.

Cheers! Jefferson. Thank ye fo' writin' again.

Cheers! Emma.

Cheers! Hannah.

Cheers! Sata.

Geneviere, readin' be me favorite thing to do! I am surrounded by many wond'rful books in the library.

Don't forget to check in with the librarian in the children's room each week to record ye books, and receive a raffle ticket. I enjoy seein' all of ye photos in me 'ouse. Have a good rest of the week ev'ryone, 'n keep readin!