Blarney's Blog

Top 'o the morn to ye fri'nds. 'Tis been rather slow fo' me this week so I have been thinkin' 'bout me Christmas decorations. Keep an eye on me 'ouse ('n above it) this week fo' a few surprises. I hope ye all are thinkin' 'bout ye holiday traditions at this special time o' year.

I've also been puttin' me feet up and relaxin'. Me fri'nd Shamus invit'd me to his 'ouse to watch one of me favorite movies, The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold.

The Mitten Trees have return'd to the library! One in the main room 'n one in the Carman Community Room. Some generous people have already placed mittens'n hats on 'em. Thank ye fo' keepin' the people of our community warm this winter.


Happy Holidays 'n Nollaig Shona Duit (Merry Christmas) ev'ryone!