Blarney's Blog

Good morn' to all me fri'nds! 'Twas grand to see so many of ye at the Summer Reading Club kickoff. Be sure to stop in every week to log your books 'n pick a prize.

Thank ye fo' all 'o the lett'rs ye left me too!

'Tis been so hot lat'ly that I have been stayin' inside where 'tis nice 'n cool. 'Tis a grand time to relax with a good book. I am readin' me favorite again, Charlotte's Web.

Cherrs! Jada.

Natalee, 'tis grand ye had a good time in school this year.

Cheers! Jefferson.

'ello Rowan. Thank ye fo' ye lett'r.

Reilly, me favorite color 'tis green. What is yours?

Yes Rebekah, 'tis a gumball machine ye see in me 'ouse. Glad ye like it.

Alannah, I do not know about gettin' a fake butt'rfly fo' me 'ouse, but I will try to find one.

Have a grand summer ev'ryone!