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Welcome to Blarney's Blog

Who is Blarney, you might ask?
I am Blarney Killarney from the grand clan of Killarney Leprechauns.

  photo_2.jpgA wee bit of Irish magic an' grand ol' fashioned Irish luck landed me in the Liverpool Public Library. Why might a leprechaun end up so far from Ireland? 'Tis a true tale that I tell. I was out for a stroll among the heather, when I happened along a couple of tourists. Now I have a little hobby of climbing into the backpacks of tourists because you never know what kind of interesting reading materials they might have, and I love to read. 'Twas so nice and warm inside the backpack that I found meself drifting off to sleep. Now, leprechauns do not sleep often, but when they gets their mind set to sleeping they can sleep for days. One minute I was reading snug in the tourist's backpack, and next thing I know I'm tucked away inside the pages of a book on a sale shelf inside a library lobby. To awake surrounded by books! What glorious fortune! 'Twas no small bit o' magic there. I no longer have to sneak into the backpacks of tourists. I have many lifetimes of reading materials here. I looked around for the best place to build my home, and noticed several nice young lassies above me, new friends, books from floor to ceiling-- what better place to call home?!

So that 'tis the tale of how I, Blarney Killarney, came to live at the Liverpool Public Library.

I'm a wee bit shy, so you will never see me, but you can write to me or visit my house located in the Children's Room of the Library.

Write to me:
Please place all letters in the mailbox located above my door
in the Children's Room at Liverpool Public Library.

or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

'ello me fri'nds. I hope ye have been spendin' time outside enjoyin' the lov'ly weather.

Nate, I do not need to add an X Box to me 'ouse because I would rather read a book.

Cheers! Audrey.

Cheers! Melina. I will see if I can find a fake bunny to put in me 'ouse.

Natalie, I used the tools to make all o' me furniture. Yes, I like watermelon.

Have a grand week ev'ryone!

Top 'o the morn ev'ryone! 'Tis a grand day be me 136th birthday! I be spendin' a nice day with me fri'nds and enjoyin' a good book.

Natalee, Happy Spring to ye!

Sorry Sophia, but I cannot show meself. We leprechaun youngsters are not allowed to show ourselves to humans.

I hope all of ye will visit the library this week. Pick out a good book or attend one of the programs. Have a grand week!

'ello me fri'nds! I hope ye are havin' a good week 'n enjoyin' the sunshine. 'Tis grand that Spring has finally arriv'd.

Remy, I do not have a middle name. Do ye?

Cheers! Eliana.

One o' me fri'nds asked if I liked ducks, sheep 'n cows. I do! I be a fri'nd to all animals.

'ello Brooke. Yes, I consider ye a fri'nd.

Cheers! Henry.

Collin, ye noticed me pussy willows in me 'ouse! 'Tis grand, they are.

Sahana, yes, I like unicorns and My Little Pony.

To me fri'nd who asked if I have visited other countries. I come from Ireland 'n live here now. Those are the only countries I have lived in 'n visited.

Cheers! Noah.

Cheers! Becca.

Top 'o the morn, me fri'nds! Such a grand day today. I may take me wee boat down to the lake for a relaxin' ride.

Me fri'nd Ms. Sharp will be reading Goldilocks 'n the Three Bears in her storytimes this week. If ye look at me 'ouse ye may see som'thing relatin' to the story there.

'ello Lilliah! Thank ye fo' writin'.

Cheers! Natalie.

Hi Becca!

'ello Ashlyn. I have a lot 'o fri'nds that visit me so I am never lonely. Also, I consider book me fri'nds too!

Remy, thank ye fo' the kind words 'bout me 'ouse.

Cheers! Noia.

'ello Lexi. I be sorry, but I cannot grant ye wish.

Cheers! Leah.

Cheers! Jayson.