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Welcome to Blarney's Blog

Who is Blarney, you might ask?
I am Blarney Killarney from the grand clan of Killarney Leprechauns.

  photo_2.jpgA wee bit of Irish magic an' grand ol' fashioned Irish luck landed me in the Liverpool Public Library. Why might a leprechaun end up so far from Ireland? 'Tis a true tale that I tell. I was out for a stroll among the heather, when I happened along a couple of tourists. Now I have a little hobby of climbing into the backpacks of tourists because you never know what kind of interesting reading materials they might have, and I love to read. 'Twas so nice and warm inside the backpack that I found meself drifting off to sleep. Now, leprechauns do not sleep often, but when they gets their mind set to sleeping they can sleep for days. One minute I was reading snug in the tourist's backpack, and next thing I know I'm tucked away inside the pages of a book on a sale shelf inside a library lobby. To awake surrounded by books! What glorious fortune! 'Twas no small bit o' magic there. I no longer have to sneak into the backpacks of tourists. I have many lifetimes of reading materials here. I looked around for the best place to build my home, and noticed several nice young lassies above me, new friends, books from floor to ceiling-- what better place to call home?!

So that 'tis the tale of how I, Blarney Killarney, came to live at the Liverpool Public Library.

I'm a wee bit shy, so you will never see me, but you can write to me or visit my house located in the Children's Room of the Library.

Write to me:
Please place all letters in the mailbox located above my door
in the Children's Room at Liverpool Public Library.

or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are real, can you write a tiny letter in your size for the librarian to put on the wall? -Carmen

Carmen, ye will find a wee little letter above me house, just for ye. Thank ye for ye lett'r.

Your pal,


Someone wrote me a lovely litle note wishing me a Happy Memorial Day and inquiring as to whether or not I like Batman 'n Scooby Doo. Me thinks they're both brilliant.

Emily & Sophie both wrote ask'n whether the librarian be me friend. All the librarians at Liverpool be me friends, except sometimes that Alan creature chases me out of the garden when I'm tryin' to gather bits n' pieces for me house.

Jason, me thinks that the library 'n the summer be a grand place. 'Tis so many programs for wee folk like me. Me fancies seein' something called a Bubbleman.  

Great to hear from ye, Jenna!

Sophie be askin' when me birthday be. Me birthday 'tis April 21st. I 'twas born 'n 1879. I do not have a computer, the library be grand 'n let me use one of theirs.

Azaria, I cannot make ye locker green, 'tis glad green is ye favorite color, tis a grand color, it tis.

 Cheers, Lucas!



Thanks for the lovely coloring, Dallas. 




Raven, me address is 310 1/2 Tulip Street, but please just send me lett'rs through me mail slot.

Sabrina, me glad ye likes green, 'tis a very fine color indeed.


Hello to me friends that be sendin' me mail: Aj, Dallas, Riley n' many oth'rs

Taylor be askin' when I made me house and where I be gettin' me materials n' how I gets from room to room. I made me house 'n the month o' show'rs, April. I found materials ev'rywhere, shells at the lake, pebbles, sticks, stones from the gardens, n' pussy willows from me librarian friend Karen. I gets from room to room by usin' the doors or sometimes, a wee bit o' magic.

Someone be askin' what those grey fuzzy things be, they be pussy williow buds, from me pal Karen.

Shawn be askin' me to move more books around. Me thinks I will lay low for awhile, after the media bank incident, I'm tryin' not to make enemies o' any librarians.

Brooke wants to know what I do. I likes to see what people are doin' round the library, n' I loves reading, writing lett'rs, goin' for walks, and makin' furniture. I also love sailing, perhaps you've noticed me new sailboat. I was sent a coconut shell from me cousin Danny. I plan to do a wee bit o' sailing this summer.


I've received more grand art from me friends.

from me pal Logan from me pal Emily