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Welcome to Liverpool Public Library


'ello to all o' me friends! I have had a wond'rful week sitting in on the storytimes 'n watchin' many of ye havin' fun at the library's Drop In for Crafts program. Ye didn't see me but I was watchihng ye!

Some of ye have asked what I will be doin' for St. Patrick's Day. I will spend the day with me forest friends drinking dewberry tea and readin' Irish stories.

Ava, ye asked what I like to eat 'n what kind of games I play. Leprechauns like to eat things from nature, like fruit 'n vegetables. We be vegetarians so we eat cheese, berries, roots. Sometimes I will nibble a wee bit of pizza, if it is vegetarian. For fun I will take rides in the MediaBank machines, but me librarian friends don't like it when I do that. I will also ride the train in the Children's Room.

Saraya, thank ye fo' ye nice words 'bout me 'ouse.

Yes Melina, I be ye friend. I consider all of the children me firends!

Thank ye Anna, fo' ye gift.

Luis 'n Bailee, Leprechauns are a wee bit shy, but we're also invisible. 'Tis bad luck to show ourselves to humans.