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Welcome to Liverpool Public Library

Media Bank


I really hope you haven't been wandering around inside our MediaBank DVD dispenser!

I can understand that it must be fun to ride around on the elevator that is inside of there, but the delicate circuit boards inside the robot have been having some problems lately. It looks to me like some tiny creature has bent some of the flashlights that the robot uses.

Please go easy on the MediaBank, Blarney, or we will have to have a talk.

Stephanie M. Zwolinski
Systems Librarian
Liverpool Public Library,


Greetings Stephanie,
I'll admit to nothing--but I do apologize.
A wee man such as myself can surely be forgiven for understandin' that contraption to be a delightful funhouse ride.
And indeed, I find it odd that a robot needs a flashlight!
But rest assured, Ma'am, that I will defend your red box from intrusion of any kind.