smallconstruction signTHE LATEST RENOVATION UPDATE

As of Saturday, March 9, the Children's Room is back open to the  public.

The Second Street entrance remains closed.

Patrons can use the Tulip Street entrance or the public elevator in the parking garage.



The next several months will bring exciting changes to the Liverpool Public Library. The interior will be renovated in two phases to better serve you. The project will begin March 4.


PHASE ONE: Public Restrooms and Lobby

This phase includes the renovation of all public restrooms and the lobby area, as part of the Liverpool Central School District’s Long Range Facilities Plan. The men’s, women’s and Children’s Room restrooms will be upgraded to full handicapped accessibility, making them ADA compliant. Some asbestos removal will be conducted, according to regulations; signs will be posted accordingly. (Small amounts from under the flooring, and behind some wall tiles.)

Will the library remain open?

Yes. The Children’s Room will be closed for about one week at the beginning of the project, then be fully accessible during the remainder of the project. During the Children’s Room temporary closure, a select collection of children’s materials will be available to check-out.

The Second Street book drop will be closed. A free-standing book drop will take its place.

The lobby book sale will move inside the library main room.

Sargent Meeting Room and small meeting rooms will remain available. Carman Community Room availability will vary.

Will there be restrooms available?

Adult restrooms will be open during children’s restroom renovation.

Children’s restroom and portable toilets located in the garage will be available during lobby renovation.

How will I get into the Library?

All entrances will be open during the children’s restroom construction.

During lobby renovation, patrons can enter via Second Street Children’s Room entrance or via the Public elevator (patrons will be directed through the teen room). On occasion the staff elevator may be used for main floor access.

The garage will remain open and accessible.\

Renovation Restrooms