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Click here to see more about Phase Three: Children's Room Renovations

Click here to see more about Phase Two: Main Library Renovations.

Watch a slideshow of the journey from the start on March 4, 2019 through the Grand Reopening ceremony on Jan. 24, 2020.


Friday, Jan. 24, 2020


RibbonCrewA big crowd gathered in the main room on the morning of Monday, Jan. 24, 2020, for our Grand Reopening Celebration.

Dignitaries gave thanks to the community from the podium, including Jim Keib representing Congressman John Katko, Assemblymember Pamela Hunter, County Executive J. Ryan McMahon II, Legislator Rachel May, Liverpool Central School District Superintendent Mark Potter, LPL Director Glenna Wisniewski and Board of Trustees President Denise Baker.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony using big scissors wrapped up the that portion of the event.

Cake 2Then patrons visited Studio @LPL to eat cake.

Monday, Dec. 30, 2019

CRSoftOpen5The Children's Library has opened its doors for patrons to check out this final stage of the LPL transformation.

CRSoftOpen4Collections and furnishings are in place. Books, nooks and more are ready to be enjoyed.

Thursday, Dec. 19

Movers are bringing collections and furnishings into the transformed children's room space. We're looking to a soft opening of the transformed Children's Library before the new year.


CRDec13The Children's Room is nearing completion. Movers will bring in furniture and the collections later this week. Organization of the space will begin thereafter.

Friday, Nov. 22

TablesIt was a busy week for the LPL transformation in the main room and Chidren's Room.

QuietTablesNew tables were delivered, put together quickly and placed on the floor for use. Patrons appreciated the furniture inside the circle of the banquette. More space for work went up in the quiet space as well.

CopierThe new public copier is more intuitive, with color capability and two-sided printing available.

CubbiePaintedBehind the closed Children's Room doors, meanwhile, paint was applied to the reading cubbies.

CRCeilingNewLookNew lighting and ceiling design will brighten the space.

Friday, Nov. 8

CLSoffits3Much is happening up top in the Children's Library. Drywall and curved soffits were added to the ceiling.

CLInsideCombDrywallDrywall was also added around the windows and cozy cubbies in the honeycomb wall.

Thursday, Nov. 7

CRWallFromlobbyVisitors to the lobby will notice windows to the transformed Children's Lobby have been inserted into the drywall.

CRWallfromInsideFrom inside the Children's Library, progress on the wall full of cubbies for reading and relaxing spots for the young ones can be noted.

Friday, Nov. 1

New BanquetteA2Even with the transformed main room open, new features continue to be added as they arrive. The centerpiece banquette is now complete with its seating equipment.

NewCRWallPhase Three goes on in the Children's Room, too. The new wall between that room and the lobby will include cubbies for the young ones to sit in while they read.

Friday, Oct. 25

NewBooksMany final touches were put to the main room transformation this week, including the new book collection on the curved shelves that will greet people near the front.

TeenSpaceTeens should appreciate the bend-in-all-directions chairs in their space. Yes, everybody is welcome to sit there when it's not time for a teen event.

GreenSeatsjpgGrab a seat that fits your needs. You'll find many different types of chairs throughout the new space.

BlueSeatsWe're hoping for a soft opening of the main room on Monday, Oct. 28. Check back here and on our social media.

Friday, Oct. 18

StudioLPL2Cabinetry went up in the Studio @ LPL Room as work continued in the main room space this week as the push for the soft opening on Friday, Oct. 25 continued.

GlobesOfLightGlobes of light were installed in the main room as well.

Wall DownMeanwhile, the half-glass wall in the Children's Room came down as that phase of the project continued, too.

Wednesday, Oct. 16

FillInSpacessThe LPL will be closed to patrons from Monday, Oct. 21 through Thursday, Oct. 24. Spaces and shelves in the main room will be filled in further with materials and furniture. Staff will trained in the space.
Offsite events will still take place during those days.
We'll reopen on Friday, Oct. 25, with services shifted into the transformed main room!
The grand ribbon-cutting ceremony will come in December.

Friday, Oct. 11

NewShelving6It was a busy week in the main room. Shelving installation was completed. Movers filled them with the book collections.

PendantLightingAndCabinetryCabinetry went up, as did pendant lighting.

CEEmpty2The Children's Room was emptied in preparation of the start of Phase Three of the facelift.

Monday, Oct. 7

ManyChairsMore furnishings are being moved into the main room as see the "light at the end of the tunnel."  Yes, movers are bringing books back into the new shelving units, too.

Thursday, Oct. 3

New ChairsFurniture and furnishings for the main room started arriving this morning. Most of it is shelving in boxes, but some of the new chairs stand out.

Also of note is important news for next week.

On Monday, Oct. 7 the mini library entrance on Second Street will be closed to better allow main room access for workers and movers. Parking spaces on that side of the building also will be set aside for official vehicles. Entrance to the mini library will be through the Tulip Street entrance or via the parking garage. Handicapped access will be via the elevator in the parking garage. The Children’s Room entrance on Second Street will remain open.

The Children's Room will close on Thursday, Oct. 10 so workers can clear that space. Children's materials will be available in the mini library while that is in use and then the main room when that opens while renovations are made to the Children's Room.

Friday, Sept. 27

New Carpet 927The main floor carpeting is down, except for the area under the main circular light. That will go in after furniture is installed. Doors and corner guards also went up.

Friday, Sept. 20

Green Screen2Patrons with video-making on their lists will be glad to know that a green screen was put up by workers this week in the Studio@LPL space.

More New Carpet 2The new carpeting continued its spread throughout the main room, too, including inside the small study rooms.

Friday, Sept. 13

Bright Carpet2

Work went on steadily for the carpet installation in the main room as the main room transformation continued this week. It will be a colorful new look.

Friday, Sept. 6

Carpet Arrives2Pieces continue to fall into place for the main room transformation. Much of the carpet has arrived. The packaging sits upon the floor where the carpet will soon live.

ManyOutletsWhen the room is bustling, everybody will be glad to see that electrical outlets are plentiful.

Friday, Aug. 30

New Light Fixtures UpThings continued to look up with another week of accomplishments in the main room transformation. Many of the ceiling light fixtures have been energized.

Lights Can DimMany come with dimmer switches.

Ceilings UpThe addition of ceiling panels give the room a whole new feel.

Friday, Aug. 23

Long LightA major portion of the main room work this week centered around lighting. Workers installed some of the hanging lights near the entrance.

New Doors2You can also spot the hanging light near the two sets of new doors, to the main room and the children's area.

Tuesday, Aug. 20

Ceiling Work of ArtThe angles and curve involved with the main room ceiling makes the installation a work of art.

Friday, Aug. 9

BlueLights2Workers this week painted the big circular lighting fixture in the main room blue.

CR Door ShiftsThey also started the process of shifting the position of the door to the Children's Room.

Friday, August 2

Entry CRMain floor work this week included a lot of painting. The blue on the left will be where the Children's Room sign will live.

BrightColorsWorkers also installed the ceiling grid.

Friday, July 26

DoorPaintWork continues in the transformation of the main room. Paint went up on the doors; the director and administrative aide moved out of their offices so more extensive renovations can be made inside those two spaces.

CounterBracketsBrackets were placed on the wall to hold the counter in what will be the business area.

Friday, July 19

Painting2Painting has begun in the main room!

Friday, July 12


NewLook2As progress continues inside the LPL main room, patrons can now look to the new posters unveiled in the lobby for a preview of what's to come when the transformation is complete.

ChildrensLibraryMeanwhile, inside the main room, the soffit where it will say Children's Library has been constructed.

InfoLPLSo, too, has been the soffit that will proclaim Info@LPL, welcoming patrons to the one-stop help desk.

StudioLPLStudio@LPL will go along the back wall.

3 Study RoomsThe study room to the left will fill two to three people. The two to the right will accommodate one to two people.

CollaborativeLPLCollaborative@LPL will contain a smart board, projector and a table to fit six to eight people.

Friday, July 5

Flex SpaceDrywall work continues in earnest as the transformation continues in the main room. It's up in the flex space.

Study RoomsThe wall to the left of the circulation room is prepared for shelving, and the wall for the collaborative meeting room has its drywall.

DustyThree new study rooms to the rear have their drywall, inside and out.

Friday, June 28

NewCarpet629The new carpet has been installed in the Tulip Street vestibule, completing that alcove's fresh look. After a punch list is checked off by contractors, Phase One of the transformation will be complete.

SoffittBehind the brown doors of the lobby, workers are working on the soffit for the circular light that will serve as a focal point when patrons enter the transformed main room.

Wednesday, June 26

Feature WallThe new-look lobby is getting more comfortable.

Elevator PaintedThe door to the public elevator in the vestibule has been freshened with a new color.

BulletinBoard2The tack board in the vestibule shows off an increasing amount of new community announcements as they're delivered to the LPL.

Monday, June 24

MainRoomWallThe lobby reopened for easier public access to the mini library.

Patrons can now enter via the public elevator in the parking garage and the doors on Tulip and Second streets.

EnterCarmanRoom2Patrons can now enter the Mini Library from inside the lobby and through the door in the Second Street vestibule.

MensRoomInsideThe ADA-compliant men's and women's rooms in the lobby are ready for use.

smallstuduyrooms2In the main room, meanwhile, walls are going up that will mark off the new small study rooms as the exciting transformation continues.

Friday, June 14

vestibule614Work on the vestibule and lobby advanced well this week. Above, note the tack board in the vestibule off Tulip Street.

Lobbywoodsetting617There also tack board up in the lobby, with new seating and the power board for a new digital screen.

restroom614Much has been completed in the lobby public restrooms as well.

The tentative lobby completion date remains June 20-21.

Friday, June 7

Ceiling67Progress has been steady this week as the transformation of the main room continues. Workers have cleared up wiring overhead.

FloorClearing67They also are just about done getting the paste off the floor.

BathroomMidwayAnd tiling is going up in the lobby restrooms. The lobby may be completed by June 20 or 21. We'll let you know when there will be access to the new ADA-compliant men's and women's rooms!

Tuesday, June 4

Floor Stripping June 4Workers are concentrating hard on freeing the main room floor from all the glue that held down the previous surfaces. The machine is loud as it goes about its business.

Friday, May 31

CircDeskWallsDown 1Workers are pulling down walls in the initial steps of the transformation that will make the LPL main floor an exciting new presence in the community.

Thursday, May 30

MainRoomFloor2After two days of working up, construction goes at the main room floor.


MainRoomBeyondCeilingMay30The main room looks different still as workers move beyond the dropped ceiling. And you wonder what's on top of what you see in your room?

Tuesday, May 28

With Memorial Day Weekend over, workers make quick progress on pulling down the dropped ceiling in the main room.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Look for a new location for the service and reference desk in the Children's Room. You'll be able to find help in the center of the room. The wall area toward the lobby had to be cleared to make way for a path to the main room. Plastic will be installed to create a temporary hallway. Most collections from that area have been moved to other Children's Room spots. Holiday books will be stored for the time being.

Tuesday May 21

While undergoing renovations, we have temporarily closed the book donation drop off.

Check here for a list of other libraries who accept donations.

We are also suspending prom dresses and sock donations.

Saturday, May 18

We're open with the versatile mini library working its wonders for patrons in the Carman Community Room.

Holds and BooksjThe Children's Room is welcoming families, too!

ChildrensRoomRemember that services in the mini library include:

Holds pick up and placement; Library reference services, including by phone;
Core collections, including Lucky Day, new and large print books and DVDs and CDs; Copier; Public computers and printer; Wifi; Notary; and Passport processing (appointment required). Faxing and credit card acceptance will be temporarily unavailable.

Friday, May 17


CCR FullThe mini library will be ready in the Carman Community Room with versatile services set up when the LPL reopens to patrons on Saturday, May 18. Remember that services available will include:

Holds pick up and placement; Library reference services, including by phone;
Core collections, including Lucky Day, new and large print books and DVDs and CDs; MediaBank; Copier; Public computers and printer; Wifi; Notary; and Passport processing (appointment required). Faxing and credit card acceptance will be temporarily unavailable during this time.

Click the video above to take a video tour of our mini library in the Carman Community Room.

Entrance to both the mini library in the CCR and the Children's Room will be through doors on Second Street.

Thursday, May 16

When the mini library opens in the Carman Community Room on Saturday, May 18, patron computer use will be assigned in 30-minute periods, with a 90-minute daily limit.

Wednesday, May 15

So you wondered what the start of the clearing of our main room looks like in speedway fashion? We rested a lens set to time lapse against a wall for 5 1/2 hours on Monday, May 13.

Monday and Tuesday, May 13 and 14


Movers entered the main room with directions on what to do with what they found inside.

EmptyTuesdayBy Tuesday afternoon, they'd had their way with much of the main room contents.

Thursday, May 9

Here comes the most exciting phase of the transformation of your Liverpool Public Library. And the following step is on deck as well.

The LPL Board of Trustees at their monthly meeting of Wednesday, May 8 at the Liverpool Village Hall approved bids submitted for renovation of the main room and the Children’s Room.

Phase Two, as we’ve been calling the main room renovation designed by a team from Syracuse architect firm Ashley McGraw, is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 20.

To prepare, the library will be closed to patrons from Monday, May 13 to Friday, May 17. Movers have asked for ample space to empty furniture and collections from the main room, and say the closure will be best for the safety of all. We expect the LPL to reopen on Saturday, May 18, with a versatile mini library set up in the Carman Community Room.

“It is all very exciting, and I thank the community for their support and patience as we go through our transformation,” says LPL Director Glenna Wisniewski.

The Carman Community Room will feature all of the staffing and just about every service usually found in the main room.

The main room is expected to be completed about Sept. 13. The Children’s Room will remain open during that construction period. When the main room is done, work will start on the Children’s Room.

Payment will come from the LPL fund balance and securing grants, this project having no impact on taxpayers.

Surveys of patrons and staff members were conducted before the plans with Ashley McGraw began.

“Our collections will always be core to our services, but visitors are using our library differently than 30 years ago, the time of the last renovation,” Wisniewski says. “Our new renovation will provide more seating and quiet space, a room for creative, active learning as well as a central service center for information and circulation needs. Everything that that is done at the LPL is with the community in mind. Community conversations and surveys held throughout our strategic plan process focused on how the library can play a role in creating a welcoming, connected community.”

“The renovation maximizes the use of a somewhat limited space in a modern, vibrant and welcoming setting,” said LPL Board of Trustees Vice President Donald J. MacLaughlin. “It will provide technology-oriented space, a space that includes an area for computer stations, quiet group and individual study rooms, and open spaces for teens and adults to gather.”

Said LPL Board President Dorianne Gutierrez: “The renovation represents the library’s position as home for all members of the community. It will provide the physical and informational space that we need today, things that a library can uniquely provide.”

Patrons will be well served in the interim.

Services available will include:

Holds pick up and placement; Library reference services, including by phone;
Core collections, including Lucky Day, new and large print books and DVDs and CDs; MediaBank; Copier; Public computers and printer; Wifi; Notary; and Passport processing (appointment required). Faxing and credit card acceptance will be temporarily unavailable during this time.
The summer reading clubs for children, teens and adults will begin on June 27.

LCSD summer reading lists will be posted.

The Dinosaur Garden Lawn will be available.

Library hours will remain the same as usual after May 17 and during the renovations.

Updates will be posted here. Find our calendar of events here.

MediaBank has been moved into the Carman Community Room so it will be ready for patron use when the mini library opens there on Saturday, May 18. For the rest of this week, patrons can peruse the many media stocked on our shelves in the main room. Neighboring Nichols also has a Red Box up front that carries many of the titles in MediaBank.

Wednesday, May 8

In anticipation of the library closing to patrons from Monday, May 13 to Friday, May 17 so movers can clear the main room, the snack machines have been removed. The water for the coffee machine also will be turned off later this week.

Tuesday, May 7

Your holds will be extended if the LPL is closed as anticipated from Monday, May 13 through Friday, May 17. However, you could still change the location of your drop-off library if the item is not yet in transit. Check your account here or ask for help at our customer service or reference desks.

The Second Street and garage book drops will be available and checked regularly that week. However, grace days for overdue books will be increased and fines will not accrue during the closed week. Patrons can keep books until the library reopens on Saturday, May 18, return them to the book drop or bring them back to a neighboring OCPL library.

Monday, May 6

The public elevator has reopened. After rising from the parking garage, enter the library through the Teen Room.

We’re anticipating that the library will be closed to patrons from Monday, May 13 through Friday, May 17 for a step up in the renovation process.

Don’t fret. A moving company will do all the heavy lifting.

Movers need the space to pack up the thousands of books and media and remove the shelving and desks from the main room so the exciting transformation can start on Monday, May 20.

We’d then reopen on Saturday, May 18, with a versatile mini library set up in the Carman Community Room.

Services available in the CCR would include:

Holds pick up and placement

Library reference services, including by phone

Core collections, including Lucky Day, new and large print books and DVDs and CDs



Public computers and printer



Passport processing (appointment required)

Summer reading clubs for children, teens and adults

LCSD summer reading lists

There will not be fax machines or credit card payments available.

Library hours would remain the same.

The Children’s Room and Dinosaur Garden Lawn would remain open during the main room renovation process.

Our website is always available.

Friday, May 3, 2019

The Tulip St book drop is closed. Please use the Second St book drop or the garage book drop.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bids are being accepted for the Phase Two Renovations until 10 a.m. on May 2, 2019.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Beginning on Monday, April 22...

Renovations to the main lobby are starting. The first step is minor asbestos abatement in the lobby restrooms that is scheduled to take 10 days. While this is being done, the lobby will be closed off and access to the library will be through the Children's Room door on Second Street.

The restrooms in the lobby and the lobby will remain closed until renovations are completed in early June. The family restroom in the Children's Room is now fully renovated and open.

The Tulip Street entrance currently remains closed due to concrete issues found during the vestibule renovation. The book drop is still open.

The elevator/garage entry remains closed. Once the abatement is completed, the concrete will be repaired and the garage entrance and Tulip Street entrance will reopen. Access to the library will be via the Teen Room from the vestibule because the lobby will be closed.

Restrooms available will be the family restroom in the Children's Room.  There is also a portajohn available in the garage.


The Second Street entrance is now open.  
The basement elevator and the Tulip Street entrance will be unavailable. Accessible parking is available on Second Street and Tulip Street.

 The new interior renovation of the family restroom in the Children's Room is complete and reopened. 

familybathroom door webbathroom panorama web


Library Board of Trustees Meetings (2nd Wednesday of each month) have been moved to the Village of Liverpool Village Hall, 310 Sycamore Street during construction (April-August).



The next several months will bring exciting changes to the Liverpool Public Library. The interior will be renovated in two phases to better serve you. The project began March 4.


PHASE ONE: Public Restrooms and Lobby

This phase includes the renovation of all public restrooms and the lobby area, as part of the Liverpool Central School District’s Long Range Facilities Plan. The men’s, women’s and Children’s Room restrooms will be upgraded to full handicapped accessibility, making them ADA compliant. Some asbestos removal will be conducted, according to regulations; signs will be posted accordingly. (Small amounts from under the flooring, and behind some wall tiles.)

Will the library remain open?

Yes. The Children’s Room will be closed for about one week at the beginning of the project, then be fully accessible during the remainder of the project. During the Children’s Room temporary closure, a select collection of children’s materials will be available to check-out. COMPLETED

The Second Street book drop will be closed. A free-standing book drop will take its place.COMPLETED

The lobby book sale will move inside the library main room.COMPLETED

Sargent Meeting Room and small meeting rooms will remain available. Carman Community Room is not available.

Will there be restrooms available?

Adult restrooms will be open during children’s restroom renovation.COMPLETED

Children’s restroom and portable toilets located in the garage will be available during lobby renovation.

How will I get into the Library?

All entrances will be open during the children’s restroom construction.COMPLETED

During lobby renovation, patrons can enter via Second Street Children’s Room entrance or via the Public elevator (patrons will be directed through the teen room)DUE TO CONCRETE ISSUES IN THE VESTIBULE, THE GARAGE ELEVATOR ENTRANCE CURRENTLY IS NOT AVAILABLE.

The garage will remain open for parking. 

Renovation Restrooms