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It's Time for Music to Fill the Carman Community Room Again

6 years ago

skip Murphy

The new music series that fills the LPL’s Carman Community Room with wonderful sound starts this Sunday, Sept. 17.

This time around it’s titled “Pranksters, Fiddlers, Dulcimers and Harpers.”

It’s an appropriate mouthful.

The four-concert stretch through December indeed covers all of that.

Skip Murphy and His Merry Pranksters start the ball rolling at 2 p.m. this Sunday.

When I talked to the frenetic front man on the phone, he said he’s eager to bring his gang to the LPL.

The harmonica player and vocalist said vocalist Sharon Allen, singer-guitarists Mark Gibson and Dave Schneider, keyboardist Dave Liddy, bassist Mike Ranger and drummer Wayne Stevens will be ready and then some for a rootsy set list that is likely to include “Angel from Montgomery,” “Women Are Smarter,” “Ophelia” and “Smack Dab in the Middle.”

“I love the environment,” Murphy said. “The hour of it. It’s low key. You can hear everything.”

In fact, in the year-and-a-half or so since I’ve been taking photos and videos of the many types of music presented in the Carman Community Room, every musician and patron seems to appreciate those things about the space, no matter the genre.

Guest artist Marcos Antonio Mazzini of Peru and the Silverwood Clarinet Choir perform 'Alma Corazon y Vida' the night of Tuesday, July 25, in the Carman Community Room.

The musicians say it when I reach out to them beforehand, show it during the performance, and reemphasize it with a word, handshake or nod afterward.

The patrons, they reply with knowing applause and standing ovations.

This series continues with a classical show by the Jefferson String Quartet on Oct. 15, folk concert by Dan Duggan and Peggy Lynn on Nov. 19 and holiday performance by the Salt City Harpers on Dec.18. More to come on those as the dates approach.

All shows are on a Sunday at 2 p.m. They’re co-presented with the Liverpool Is the Place Committee and made possible by a grant secured by Senator John A. DeFrancisco.