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The Ames Kids Put Their Time and Talents Behind Their Love for their Library

6 years ago

When February break hits, Meg Ames lines up a weeklong project for her kids.

Last year, it involved research that allowed the five curious children to feel as if they were traveling around the world.

“Every break we do a theme,” Meg says.


This year, siblings Maddy, 11; Izzy, 9; Sophie, 7 come Saturday; Thomas, 5; and cousin Chase, 4, were charged with tasks that helped people. Volunteer work, Meg explains.

So they made caps for patients at Golisano Children’s Hospital, and hung out with and helped a friend with special needs, and visited and worked in the Samaritan Center soup kitchen. Bookmarks

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, it was the LPL’s turn. The students from Morgan Road Elementary came to the ‘Cocoa & Coloring with Book Exchange’ program in the Carman Community Room to pass out bookmarks they’d lovingly made with their own hands.

HandingOutBookmarksThe other children attending the event quickly went up to the table to pick out their personal bookmark out of the more than 100 the Ames kids had brought.

Why the Liverpool Public Library for this generosity?

“This is ours,” Meg Ames says. “We enjoy everything about it. We enjoy perusing all the books. The librarians are great in helping us find all the topics we need. Maddy likes graphic novels. Thomas likes superheroes. Sophie moved up several reading levels in school, and they help her find books that interest her here.”