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When You're Talking Phone Costs, It Is Apple and Androids

by Keith Gatling | 4 years ago

A few posts back, when I talked about the arrival of Apple’s second generation iPhone SE, I mentioned that it was their new “budget model” iPhone, but it wasn’t so much of a budget model that it would only set you back $150. Iif only). This has led a lot of people to ask why Apple products are so expensive.

Well...if you’re looking at this from the perspective of the $49 Samsung you can get from Tracfone, that question makes a lot of sense. It also makes sense if you look at it from the perspective of the $150 one you can get from Best Buy. But if you take a look at all the cellphones out there, things look a little different.

If you look at all the cellphones out there in the Android world, you’ll see a tremendous range in prices; going from the $49 ones that Tracfone basically gives away to models that cost $700 and more. And that’s where the true answer to the question lies.

The Android world is sort of like the way General Motors used to be, with “a car for every purse and purpose.” It covers the entire range of what people are willing and able to spend on a phone. But let’s face it...some of those cheaper phones are really pathetic. I know this because I’ve owned a few; and once you’ve used a better phone, there’s no going back. On the other hand, it’s long been said that Apple is not concerned with racing to the bottom. They figure that their audience is willing to pay more for a better product, with certain features they want that others don’t offer. And when you compare Apples to Apples...or rather, Apples to similarly priced’ll find that they're both equally good.

What you won’t find is a $100 Android that’s as good as a $500 Android.

So what kind of phone should you get?

That’s a question for another time!