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You Can Take It With You

by Keith Gatling | 6 years ago

The internet, that is.

That’s right, the internet is portable.

With the recent arrival of 10 mobile hotspots that you can check out with your LPL card, you can take the Internet with you to places where you might not normally have it … In a car, on a train, on a boat, even in a box with a fox.

Power BarAny place where you can get good cell phone service, our hotspots will give you mobile internet … without eating into your own personal data plan.

Our Franklin Wireless hotspots are powered by Sprint, and are very easy to use.

Power Supply2

Two of them are available as Lucky Day seven-day loans, with one renewal.  The remaining eight are available as regular three-week loans, with two renewals.

So if traveling is part of your plans for the summer, you might also plan on taking one of our hot spots with you, before they fly off the shelves like … hotcakes.

You can check for the availability of our mobile hotspots here.